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August 29, 2009:
BenchmarkPi Version 1.11! Added: Best Personal Time

July 31, 2009:
BenchmarkPi Version 1.1! Added: Input for phone and rom, Anti cheat protection, Link to this site


July 17, 2009:
BenchmarkPi Version 1.01! Added: Top 50 and Top 100 list, averate time and total participants.


July 16, 2009:
BenchmarkPi Version 1.0 released!


Latest Version: 1.11
(August 29, 2009)

Total participations:


Average Time:

14288.0065 ms

Top 5:

More info:

Benchmark your Android device by calculating the Pi and compete your time with others!

Try to be the first in the Top10 list!

Very usefull tool to check the CPU speed of different Android Devices, different ROMs on the same device or even if your Android device is overloaded.

Tips for better results!

As described in the How it works page, BenchmarkPi results in the time your mobile device takes to run and complete the Pi calculation algorithm resulting in a approximation of the first Pi digits. That heavily depends on the load of your mobile phone's CPU. If your CPU is not already loaded with background processes, you should get better results.
Better results can also archived with faster CPU so you can also check the processing power of different devices.

AndroidTapp published a very good article titled: "5 Tips on How to Increase Perfomance on your Android Phone".

I suggest you to read the full article and of course these tips can make you climb higher to the Top list!